About us

About us

The name EL-K, came from my mother who was a Michelin star at the Beverly Hills Hotel for over 20yrs, after retiring she started her own catering business out her house servicing the neighborhood with home cooked meal's with Traditional American dishes sold daily.

It was an Authentic feeling to see joy on people's faces after picking up there meal's. With several yrs. In the making EL-K's vision is a humble one. EL-K catering wants to provide quality food for Family Friends & Neighbors.We want to bring the same level of quality fresh food that tastes good as my mother's did.

We would like to fill a particular void in the catering scene. EL-K's catering will provide healthy hearty food that will fuel the soul. EL-K'S catering can provide your every catering need...


Our responsability is to be able to help you and fulfill our work on time.


We are committed to providing you with the best service.

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